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Version: 2.0.x

ZIO Schema Operations

Once we have defined our schemas, we can use them to perform a variety of operations. In this section, we will explore some of the most common operations that we can perform on schemas.

Before diving into the details, let's see a quick overview of the operations that we can perform on schemas:

sealed trait Schema[A] {
self =>

type Accessors[Lens[_, _, _], Prism[_, _, _], Traversal[_, _]]

def ? : Schema[Option[A]]

def <*>[B](that: Schema[B]): Schema[(A, B)]

def <+>[B](that: Schema[B]): Schema[scala.util.Either[A, B]]

def defaultValue: scala.util.Either[String, A]

def annotations: Chunk[Any]

def ast: MetaSchema

def annotate(annotation: Any): Schema[A]

def coerce[B](newSchema: Schema[B]): Either[String, Schema[B]]

def diff(thisValue: A, thatValue: A): Patch[A]

def patch(oldValue: A, diff: Patch[A]): scala.util.Either[String, A]

def fromDynamic(value: DynamicValue): scala.util.Either[String, A]

def makeAccessors(b: AccessorBuilder): Accessors[b.Lens, b.Prism, b.Traversal]

def migrate[B](newSchema: Schema[B]): Either[String, A => scala.util.Either[String, B]]

def optional: Schema[Option[A]]

def ordering: Ordering[A]

def orElseEither[B](that: Schema[B]): Schema[scala.util.Either[A, B]]

def repeated: Schema[Chunk[A]]

def serializable: Schema[Schema[A]]

def toDynamic(value: A): DynamicValue

def transform[B](f: A => B, g: B => A): Schema[B]

def transformOrFail[B](f: A => scala.util.Either[String, B], g: B => scala.util.Either[String, A]): Schema[B]

def validate(value: A)(implicit schema: Schema[A]): Chunk[ValidationError]

def zip[B](that: Schema[B]): Schema[(A, B)]