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Version: 2.0.x

Introduction to ZIO Interop Reactive Streams

This library provides an interoperability layer between ZIO and reactive streams.

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ZIO integrates with Reactive Streams by providing conversions from to org.reactivestreams.Publisher and from to org.reactivestreams.Subscriber and vice versa. Simply import import zio.interop.reactivestreams._ to make the conversions available.


In order to use this library, we need to add the following line in our build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "dev.zio" %% "zio-interop-reactive-streams" % "2.0.2"


First, let's get a few imports out of the way.

import org.reactivestreams.example.unicast._
import zio._
import zio.interop.reactivestreams._

We use the following Publisher and Subscriber for the examples:

val publisher = new RangePublisher(3, 10)
val subscriber = new SyncSubscriber[Int] {
override protected def whenNext(v: Int): Boolean = {
print(s"$v, ")

Publisher to Stream

A Publisher used as a Stream buffers up to qSize elements. If possible, qSize should be a power of two for best performance. The default is 16.

val streamFromPublisher = publisher.toZIOStream(qSize = 16)[Integer])

Subscriber to Sink

When running a Stream to a Subscriber, a side channel is needed for signalling failures. For this reason toZIOSink returns a tuple of a callback and a Sink. The callback must be used to signal Stream failure. The type parameter on toZIOSink is the error type of the Stream.

val asSink = subscriber.toZIOSink[Throwable]
val failingStream = ZStream.range(3, 13) ++ RuntimeException("boom!"))
ZIO.scoped {
asSink.flatMap { case (signalError, sink) => // FIXME

Stream to Publisher

val stream = Stream.range(3, 13)
stream.toPublisher.flatMap { publisher =>

Sink to Subscriber

toSubscriber returns a Subscriber and an IO which completes with the result of running the Sink or the error if the Publisher fails. A Sink used as a Subscriber buffers up to qSize elements. If possible, qSize should be a power of two for best performance. The default is 16.

val sink = Sink.collectAll[Integer]
ZIO.scoped {
sink.toSubscriber(qSize = 16).flatMap { case (subscriber, result) =>
UIO(publisher.subscribe(subscriber)) *> result