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Version: 2.0.x

ZIO Ecosystem Official Libraries

Official ZIO libraries are hosted in the ZIO organization on GitHub, and are generally maintained by core contributors to ZIO.

Development Status

Each project in the ZIO organization namespace has a Stage Badge which indicates the current status of that project:

  • Production Ready — The project is stable and already used in production. We can expect reliability for the implemented use cases.
  • Development — The project already has RC or milestone releases, but is still under active development. We should not expect full stability yet.
  • Experimental — The project is not yet released, but an important part of the work is already done.
  • Research — The project is at the design stage, with some sketches of work but nothing usable yet.
  • Concept — The project is just an idea, development hasn't started yet.
  • Deprecated — The project is not maintained anymore, and we don't recommend its usage.

Official Libraries