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Version: ZIO 2.x


ZIO SBT is an sbt plugin for ZIO projects. It provides high-level SBT utilities that simplify the development of ZIO applications.

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Add the following lines to your plugin.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("dev.zio" % "zio-sbt-website" % "0.1.5")

Then you can enable it by using the following code in your build.sbt file:


ZIO SBT Website

ZIO SBT Website is an SBT plugin that has the following tasks:

  • sbt compileDocs— compile documentation inside docs directory. The compilation result will be inside website/docs directory.
  • sbt installWebsite— creates a website for the project inside the website directory
  • sbt previewWebsite— runs a local webserver that serves documentation locally on http://localhost:3000. By changing the documentation inside the docs directory, the website will be reloaded with new content.
  • sbt publishToNpm— publishes documentation inside the docs directory to the npm registry.
  • sbt generateGithubWorkflow— generates GitHub workflow which publishes documentation for each library release.
  • sbt generateReadme— generate file using and docs/ files.