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Version: 2.0.x

ZIO Schema Use cases

ZIO Schema allows us to create representations of our data types as values.

Once we have a representation of our data types, we can use it to

  • Serialize and deserialize our types
  • Validate our types
  • Transform our types
  • Create instances of your types

We can then use one of the various codecs (or create our own) to serialize and deserialize your types.

Example of possible codecs are:

  • CSV Codec
  • JSON Codec (already available)
  • Apache Avro Codec (in progress)
  • Apache Thrift Codec (in progress)
  • XML Codec
  • YAML Codec
  • Protobuf Codec (already available)
  • QueryString Codec
  • etc.

Example use cases that are possible:

  • Serializing and deserializing JSON
  • Serializing and deserializing XML
  • Validating JSON
  • Validating XML
  • Transforming JSON
  • Transforming XML
  • Transforming JSON to XML
  • Transforming XML to JSON
  • Creating diffs from arbitrary data structures
  • Creating migrations / evolutions e.g. of Events used in Event-Sourcing
  • Transformation pipelines, e.g.
    1. Convert from protobuf to object, e.g. PersonDTO,
    2. Transform to another representation, e.g. Person,
    3. Validate
    4. Transform to JSON JsonObject
    5. Serialize to String