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Version: 2.0.x

Functional Data Types in ZIO Prelude

ZIO Prelude includes several data types to help us model our domains more accurately and solve common problems.

  • Equivalence - A description of an equivalence relationship between two data types.
  • NonEmptyList - A list that is guaranteed to be non-empty to more accurately model situations where we know a collection has at least one element.
  • These - A data type that may either be a Left with an A, a Right with a B, or a Both with an A and a B, useful for modeling problems such as merging streams of data.
  • Validation - A data type that may be either a success or an accumulation of one or more errors, allowing modeling multiple failures for applications such as data validation.
  • ZSet - A generalization of a set that generalizes measures of "how many" of an element exist in a set, supporting multi-sets, "fuzzy" sets, and other data structures.
  • ZValidation - A generalization of Validation that allows maintaining a log of warnings in addition to accumulating errors.