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Version: 2.0.x

Partition Assignment And Offset Retrieval

zio-kafka offers several ways to control which Kafka topics and partitions are assigned to your application.

Use caseMethod
One or more topics, automatic partition assignmentSubscription.topics("my_topic", "other_topic")
Topics matching a patternSubscription.pattern("topic.*")
Manual partition assignmentSubscription.manual("my_topic" -> 1, "my_topic" -> 2)

By default zio-kafka will start streaming a partition from the last committed offset for the consumer group, or the latest message on the topic if no offset has yet been committed. You can also choose to store offsets outside of Kafka. This can be useful in cases where consistency between data stores and consumer offset is required.

Use caseMethod
Offsets in Kafka, start at latest message if no offset committedOffsetRetrieval.Auto()
Offsets in Kafka, start at earliest message if no offset committedOffsetRetrieval.Auto(AutoOffsetStrategy.Earliest)
Manual/external offset storageManual(getOffsets: Set[TopicPartition] => Task[Map[TopicPartition, Long]])

For manual offset retrieval, the getOffsets function will be called for each topic-partition that is assigned to the consumer, either via Kafka's rebalancing or via a manual assignment.