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Version: 2.0.x

Example of Consuming, Producing and Committing Offsets

This example shows how to consume messages from topic topic_a and produce transformed messages to topic_b, after which consumer offsets are committed. Processing is done in chunks using ZStreamChunk for more efficiency.

import zio.ZLayer
import zio.kafka.consumer._
import zio.kafka.producer._
import zio.kafka.serde._
import org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.ProducerRecord

val consumerSettings: ConsumerSettings = ConsumerSettings(List("localhost:9092")).withGroupId("group")
val producerSettings: ProducerSettings = ProducerSettings(List("localhost:9092"))

val consumerAndProducer =
ZLayer.scoped(Consumer.make(consumerSettings)) ++
ZLayer.scoped(Producer.make(producerSettings,, Serde.string))

val consumeProduceStream = Consumer
.plainStream(Subscription.topics("my-input-topic"),, Serde.long)
.map { record =>
val key: Int = record.record.key()
val value: Long = record.record.value()
val newValue: String = value.toString

val producerRecord: ProducerRecord[Int, String] = new ProducerRecord("my-output-topic", key, newValue)
(producerRecord, record.offset)
.mapChunksZIO { chunk =>
val records =
val offsetBatch = OffsetBatch(

Producer.produceChunk[Any, Int, String](records) *>