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Version: 2.0.x

ZIO Config Resources

  • Easy Config For Your App by Afsal Thaj (December 2020) — Managing application configuration can be quite challenging: we often have to support multiple data sources with overrides, including HOCON, system properties, environment variables, and more. We have to document our configuration so it is clear to IT and DevOps how to configure our applications. We have to do strong validation with error accumulation to ensure bad data is rejected and good error messages are generated for end-users. In this presentation, Afsal Thaj, the author of ZIO Config, shows attendees how to solve all of these problems in a composable and testable way. By separating the description of configuration from what must be done with the configuration, ZIO Config provides all standard features—including multiple data sources, data source overrides, documentation, and validation with error accumulation—for free. Come learn how to make your applications configurable in an easy way that will delight IT and DevOps and make it easy to change your applications over time.

  • Introduction to ZIO Config by Afsal Thaj

PS: Note that the videos use older version of zio-config. However, if you are new to Scala, you can still learn a lot from these videos.