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Version: 2.0.x

Version history

Note: this is a manually maintained list of important changes. Because of having auto-release from CI, this list may not reflect all changes immediately. Dependencies are continuously updated and are not documented here.


  • Migrated to ZIO 2.0.0
  • Moved to the ZIO organisation
  • Using the new ZIO service pattern
  • Changed getter naming to match zio-k8s
  • Using zio-prelude newtype wrappers for primitives
  • Using ZIO aspects as a base of AwsCallAspect
  • Exposed lower level pagination API calls beside the streaming ones
  • Using the Optional type instead of Option to reduce boilerplate

See the migration guide for more information.

  • Migrated to zio-config v2.0.0

  • Support for defining dual HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 HttpClient layers
  • Convert model case classes to .ReadOnly trait with .asReadOnly

  • Fix for libraries that use the Integer alias for ints (such as zio-aws-sqs)

  • Updated fs2 release that fixes the http4s backend

  • Fix for event streaming wrappers such as subscribeToShard in zio-aws-kinesis

  • Introduced automatic release from CI, each new AWS SDK release triggers a new zio-aws build now
  • zio-config support

  • Updated to AWS SDK 2.14.7
  • Fix an issue with http4s streaming uploads
  • Iterable in place of List in the request models
  • The akka-http client now gets the actor system from the environment
  • Code generator rewritten as an sbt plugin

API breaking changes to make the streaming interface more ergonomic:

  • Input/output byte streams are now flat (ZStream[Any, AwsError, Byte] instead of ZStream[Any, AwsError, Chunk[Byte])
  • Streaming operations return a ZStream that performs the request on first pull instead of a ZIO[..., ZStream[...]]
  • Streaming for paginated operations that does not have a paginator in the Java SDK
  • No xxxStream variants, streaming is the default and only interface for paginatable operations
  • Updated to AWS SDK 2.14.3
  • Fixed handling of some error cases
  • Scala 2.12 version is now available

Initial release republished with fixed metadata in POMs

Initial release based on AWS Java SDK 2.13.69