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Version: 2.0.x


Inheriting I/O

If you'd like to run a process and handle its input/output in the current process, you can inherit its I/O. For example, running the Scala REPL:


Providing environment variables

Command("java", "-version").env(Map("JAVA_HOME" -> javaHome)).string

Specifying the working directory

Command("ls").workingDirectory(new File("/")).lines

Redirecting output to a file

For example, if you'd like to dump the contents of a PostgreSQL database, you can do the following:

Command("pg_dump", "my_database").stdout(ProcessOutput.FileRedirect(new File("dump.sql"))).exitCode

Alternatively, you can use the bash-like > operator if that feels more familiar to you:

(Command("pg_dump", "my_database") > new File("dump.sql")).exitCode