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Version: 2.0.x

Introduction to ZIO's Built-in Services

ZIO already provides four built-in services:

  1. Console — Operations for reading/writing strings from/to the standard input, output, and error console.
  2. Clock — Contains some functionality related to time and scheduling.
  3. Random — Provides utilities to generate random numbers.
  4. System — Contains several useful functions related to system environments and properties.

When we use these services we don't need to provide their corresponding environment explicitly. ZIO provides built-in live version of ZIO services to our effects, so we do not need to provide them manually.

import zio._


object MainApp extends ZIOAppDefault {
val myApp: ZIO[Any, IOException, Unit] =
for {
date <- Clock.currentDateTime
_ <- ZIO.logInfo(s"Application started at $date")
_ <- Console.print("Enter your name: ")
name <- Console.readLine
_ <- Console.printLine(s"Hello, $name!")
} yield ()

def run = myApp