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Version: 2.0.x


In the case of retrying, ZIO has a ZIO#retry function, which takes a schedule as a repetition policy and returns another effect that describes an effect with repetition strategy which will retry following the failure of the original effect.

Repeat policies are used in the following functions:

  • ZIO#retry – Retries an effect until it succeeds.
  • ZIO#retryOrElse — Retries an effect until it succeeds, with a fallback for errors.

Let's see how we can create a repeated effect by using ZIO#retry function:

val action:       ZIO[R, E, A] = ???
val policy: Schedule[R1, E, S] = ???

val repeated = action retry policy

There is another version of retry that helps us to have a fallback strategy in case of erros, if something goes wrong we can handle that by using the ZIO#retryOrElse function, which helps up to add an orElse callback that will run in case of failure of repetition failure:

val action:       ZIO[R, E, A] = ???
val policy: Schedule[R1, A, B] = ???

val orElse: (E, S) => ZIO[R1, E1, A1] = ???

val repeated = action retryOrElse (policy, orElse)