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Version: ZIO 2.x

Log Metrics

Log metrics collecting metrics related to ZIO logging (all ZIO.log* functions). As ZIO core supporting multiple loggers, this logging metrics collector is implemented as specific ZLogger which is responsible just for collecting metrics of all logs - ZIO.log* functions.

The Metrics layer

val layer = zio.logging.logMetrics

will add a default metric named zio_log_total with the label level which will be incremented for each log message with the value of level being the corresponding log level label in lower case.


  • LogLevel.All -> all
  • LogLevel.Fatal -> fatal
  • LogLevel.Error -> error
  • LogLevel.Warning -> warn
  • LogLevel.Info -> info
  • LogLevel.Debug -> debug
  • LogLevel.Trace -> trace
  • LogLevel.None -> off

Custom names for the metric and label can be set via:

val layer = zio.logging.logMetricsWith("log_counter", "log_level")


You can find the source code here

Console logger with metrics

package zio.logging.example

import zio.logging.{ LogFormat, console, logMetrics }
import zio.metrics.connectors.MetricsConfig
import zio.metrics.connectors.prometheus.{ PrometheusPublisher, prometheusLayer, publisherLayer }
import zio.{ ExitCode, Runtime, Scope, ZIO, ZIOAppArgs, ZIOAppDefault, ZLayer, _ }

object MetricsApp extends ZIOAppDefault {

override val bootstrap: ZLayer[ZIOAppArgs, Any, Any] =
Runtime.removeDefaultLoggers >>> (console(LogFormat.default) ++ logMetrics)

override def run: ZIO[Scope, Any, ExitCode] =
(for {
_ <- ZIO.logInfo("Start")
_ <- ZIO.logWarning("Some warning")
_ <- ZIO.logError("Some error")
_ <- ZIO.logError("Another error")
_ <- ZIO.sleep(1.second)
metricValues <- ZIO.serviceWithZIO[PrometheusPublisher](_.get)
_ <- Console.printLine(metricValues)
_ <- ZIO.logInfo("Done")
} yield ExitCode.success)
.provideLayer((ZLayer.succeed(MetricsConfig(200.millis)) ++ publisherLayer) >+> prometheusLayer)


Expected Console Output:

timestamp=2022-12-28T09:43:29.226711+01:00 level=INFO thread=zio-fiber-6 message="Start"
timestamp=2022-12-28T09:43:29.255915+01:00 level=WARN thread=zio-fiber-6 message="Some warning"
timestamp=2022-12-28T09:43:29.257454+01:00 level=ERROR thread=zio-fiber-6 message="Some error"
timestamp=2022-12-28T09:43:29.258267+01:00 level=ERROR thread=zio-fiber-6 message="Another error"
# TYPE zio_log_total counter
# HELP zio_log_total Some help
zio_log_total{level="error"} 2.0 1672217010080
# TYPE zio_log_total counter
# HELP zio_log_total Some help
zio_log_total{level="warn"} 1.0 1672217010080
# TYPE zio_log_total counter
# HELP zio_log_total Some help
zio_log_total{level="info"} 1.0 1672217010080
timestamp=2022-12-28T09:43:30.281274+01:00 level=INFO thread=zio-fiber-6 message="Done"