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Version: ZIO 2.x

Middleware Basic Authentication Example

package example

import zio.http.Middleware.basicAuth
import zio.http._
import zio.http.Server
import zio.{App, ExitCode, URIO}

object BasicAuth extends App {

// Http app that requires a JWT claim
val user: UHttpApp = Http.collect[Request] { case Method.GET -> !! / "user" / name / "greet" =>
Response.text(s"Welcome to the ZIO party! ${name}")

// Composing all the HttpApps together
val app: UHttpApp = user @@ basicAuth("admin", "admin")

// Run it like any simple app
override def run(args: List[String]): URIO[zio.ZEnv, ExitCode] =
Server.start(8090, app).exitCode