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    _ZIO Test_ is a featherweight testing library for effectful programs.

    _ZIO Test_ is a featherweight testing library for effectful programs.

    The library imagines every spec as an ordinary immutable value, providing tremendous potential for composition. Thanks to tight integration with ZIO, specs can use resources (including those requiring disposal), have well- defined linear and parallel semantics, and can benefit from a host of ZIO combinators.

    import zio.test._
    import zio.Clock.nanoTime
    object MyTest extends ZIOSpecDefault {
      def spec = suite("clock")(
        test("time is non-zero") {
          for {
            time <-
          } yield assertTrue(time >= 0L)
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package types

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Type Members

  1. trait AllTypesInstances extends CharInstances with DigitInstances with NetInstances with NumericInstances with StringInstance with TimeInstances
  2. trait CharInstances extends AnyRef
  3. trait DigitInstances extends AnyRef
  4. trait NetInstances extends AnyRef
  5. trait NumericInstances extends AnyRef
  6. trait StringInstance extends AnyRef
  7. trait TimeInstances extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object all extends AllTypesInstances
  2. object char extends CharInstances
  3. object digit extends DigitInstances
  4. object net extends NetInstances
  5. object numeric extends NumericInstances
  6. object string extends StringInstance
  7. object time extends TimeInstances